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Transponder key

Regardless if you need to replace your transponder key because it's lost, stolen, broken beyond repair or you simply want a duplicate for emergency cases, our automotive locksmiths can help you. At YMS Services West Hollywood Locksmith You'll find all transponder key services at any time and place, immediately and without delay.

Transponder keys have are the most popular standard to ensure the safety of your vehicle. They differ from traditional keys because they have 3 level of security, thanks to a chip that is identified by the vehicle and allows it to be unlocked. In this way, even if the key is copied, it will not work unless it is the original one. This can make it difficult to make duplicates of the keys in case of emergencies, but YMS Services Los Angeles Locksmith technicians are trained to replace and reprogram any type of transponder keys, regardless of the make or model of the vehicle

If you have the original key and only need a duplicate to keep in case of emergency or to replace a damaged one, YMS Services automotive locksmiths can make an immediate copy of the key and adjust the chip frequencies to match the original in a matter of minutes. In case you have lost the transponder key, we can still create a new one. Our locksmiths always carry with them blank transponder keys of many models and brands, so they can create a new key that works exactly like the original.

We can also reprogram your transponder key if it has stopped working suddenly, in minutes our skilled technicians can make the chip match your car again. Do not hesitate to call us to replace, repair and reprogram your key transponder, wherever you are.

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