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Lock Rekey service


YMS Services Locksmith in West Hollywood offers lock rekey service for any type of lock. This simple process can increase the security of your home, to the extent that you will be disabling any other copy of keys that may be circulating or in improper hands. Rekeying is the ideal alternative for those who needs to enhance their home security by changing the locks but still have a lock in perfect condition.


The professional locksmiths from YMS Services Los Angeles Locksmith have the technical knowledge, experience and tools necessary to make a lock rekeying in all types of locks. They'll only need to remove the lock from the door, gain access to the lock cylinder and change the configuration of the internal pins. In this way, they'll make the lock to respond to a completely different key. All this process can be made in minutes.

By lock rekeying, you'll be able to keep your lock and only change the keys; which is much more cost effective than replacing the lock with a new one. A professional and honest locksmith will offer this alternative instead of a lock replacement when is suitable.

Who needs to make a lock rekeying?

- People who have just moved to a property
- In case of losing your set of keys.
- If someone has entered your house to steal
- If you have tenants or roommates that may have copies of the keys, despite not living there anymore.
- If you think that someone unwanted can have duplicate of the key.

Need to Rekey Your door Locks in West Hollywood Area? 
Re Keying Lock
Lock rekey service
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