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Automotive locksmith service
Yms Services, Your Best Choice for Automotive Locksmith Solutions

A couple of decades ago, the safety of any car fell solely on the key and lock. Currently the automotive industry has diversified automotive security systems: there are transponders, keys, remote controls and even more. This has made necessary the presence of specialized automotive locksmiths to address any situation related to the security system and even car ignition. An automotive Locksmith in Los Angeles or any other place must be able to handle a vast knowledge in order to serve their clients.

Yms Services Locksmith in West Hollywood is aware of the importance of having a trusted professional automotive Locksmith, able to assist you in case of emergency, so we have made our team of professionals, trained to work with any type of vehicle. We will be able to reach you in record time, solve your problem and put your vehicle on the road. Some of the specific automotive locksmith services we pring


Ignition repair

Something as simple as a worn key or worn pins inside the ignition cylinder can cause a connection problem, preventing the engine from starting. Ignition problems in a vehicle manifest in particular and bothersome ways. It may be difficult to start the engine, you have to turn the key several times until it starts; It can also cause the car to suddenly shut off, even during driving. Ignition problems can also make it impossible to start the engine, even when the key is turned on the cylinder, in addition to engine noises and other symptoms that are impossible to ignore. In these cases it is essential to replace or repair the ignition cylinder.

Yms Services has a professional Locksmiths team specialized in automotive Locksmith, that will be able to repair the ignition system of virtually any type and brand of vehicle. Our technicians will make a precise diagnosis, because every car ignition has its particular problem (the failure can be related to the cylinder or to the electrical connections between the device and the engine of the car, for example) and solve it in record time; protecting the physical integrity of your vehicle without causing aesthetic or structural damage.

Car Ignition Repair

Car lockout

One of the most common causes to request the assistance of an automotive locksmith is a car lockout. Leaving the key inside the car or locked the keys in the trunk, is an experience that every driver has to have at some point and although the first impulse is to break the window, it is much cheaper and more convenient to call a Locksmith. In these cases the most important thing is to stay calm and call Yms Services (213) 787-4767 who will send a specialized technician who will open the door of your vehicle in a jiffy and without causing any structural damage.

Our automotive Locksmiths technicians have the proper training to open the door of any type of vehicle without causing any damage to the lock, door or windows. Finesse, skill, experience and knowledge characterize our professional team, so they won't make not even a small scratch on your beloved vehicle. Yms Services Locksmith in Los Angeles will attend your call 24/7 and in a few minutes a technician will arrive to solve your emergency car locked out with the best attitude and the lowest rates.

Car Lockout Service in Los Angeles

Broken key extraction

Car Keys and cylinders also suffers the ravages of time, so isn't uncommon to break the key inside any of the locks of the car. It seems a complicated problem, but all automotive technicians of Yms Services are trained to make a broken key extraction in a few minutes, regardless of whether the broken key has remained in the ignition or in the lock; without disassembling or damaging any part of your car.

After making the key extraction, without damaging or altering at all the structure of your car, we are able to offer you a copy or replacement of your broken key, in case you don't have a spare one, so you can continue using your car with complete normality in the shortest time.

Coppy car key

Car key replacement

If a person loses or breaks the keys of their cars and does not have extra keys to make copies from, it is possible to create a completely new key with a process called car key replacement. In this process we use a code machine that will allow the creation of the key following a particular code for the model and brand of the car.


Yms Services Automotive Locksmith in West Hollywood offers this service for virtually all makes and models of vehicles. We are able to cut a new key for your car quickly and efficiently, guarantying its correct operation and quality. We attend emergencies, so don't hesitate to call us if you are in the Los Angeles Metropolitan Area.



Program car key


Any car manufactured after 1995 requires, by law, an immobilization system. This means that the vehicle keys have the technology to make each car to respond only to its own key and turn on the engine only when it receives the appropriate code when turning the key in the ignition. This information is usually contained in an electronic chip that is located inside the key or control.

If you lost or damage your keys or if you need a spare copy for emergencies, you'll need to program a car key. You'll be able to ask for that service at Yms Services, were there's a team of professionals capable of programming the key of your car in a few minutes, whether you require a copy or replacement of your key or not. The process is different, it depends on the brand or type of vehicle, just ask to our locksmith Pros and they'll tell you if they're going to need to be inside the car or if it can be made in a separate location or if there's another procedure.

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