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Master Key

Trust YMS Services Locksmith in West Hollywood for the creation of master keys for your business or even your home. Making a master key can be the right answer for your business' security solutions or just a way to simplify your life at home. At YMS Services we have the technical staff with the training and experience to make a master key system in the shortest possible time. We are fast, efficient and offer the best prices in the West Hollywood area.

Rekeying your locks to create a master key system is the way to control access to certain areas of the building. This will allow the right people to have access to defined places, while restricting their access to others. Master Keys can also be a way to simplify access to different areas, because you can make all the doors you require work with a single key; also, this allows you to control the number of copies you deliver. At home you will avoid having a lot of keys: you will only need a single key to access your house.

If you are not sure if a master key system is what you need, just call us: YMS Services | Locksmith in Los Angeles can advise you to choose the best security solution for your business. We have trained technicians at your disposal 24/7, who can do everything necessary to find the best security solution for your business.

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