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Commercial Locksmith in Los Angeels
Yms Services, Specialized  for Commercial Locksmith 

The security needs of a business building can differ enormously from residential apartments or houses. Not only because the physical structure of has a business varied according to its commercial purpose, but also because delicate information and other types of valuable documents could be stored in that place. Precisely for this reason is that you need to hire real professionals Locksmith to attend everything related to the commercial locksmith in Los Angeles. You can't play with your business security, you need to call Yms Services.

Most people believe that a residential Locksmith can do the same job as a commercial Locksmith and while this is true up to a point, commercial Locksmiths have extra training and knowledge, not just about installation of different locks and security systems, but also must know about security regulations that apply exclusively to certain types of businesses. At Yms Services Locksmith in West Hollywood we have the technical staff capable of offering specialized Locksmith services related to commercial locksmith, totally catered for those particular needs:

Need Commercial Locksmith In West Hollyowood?

Push bar


Also known as panic bars, push bars must be installed in exit doors. Push bars allows a quick exit from a building in case of emergency, as they only need to be pushed down to open the door. Panic bars are a mandatory safety measure in commercial premises and public buildings, as they guarantee a quick evacuation of the place regardless of installed locks system.

The law stipulates that certain types of buildings must have push bars at all emergency exits, and certain insurance companies could take them into account to lower the amount of annual insurance that must be paid each year. Push bars are important and must be installed by Locksmiths professionals to guarantee their proper function.


At Yms Services we have specialized technicians who can install that push bar that your business could need, at the best market price. Also, we take care of maintenance and repair of this type of locks. Don't hesitate, pick the phone, call us and ask for a budget.

Push Bar Lock installation  Service for Business

Access control system

each business has its own security and access needs. In some buildings, traditional locks may not be enough to protect certain areas. In this case, Our Locksmith Pros offers the installation of Access Control System. These systems replace locks and master keys with electronic systems, which can range from keypads (that works with personal passwords) and card readers, to biometric recognition devices such as fingerprint scanners and so much more.

One of the great advantages of installing a modern Access Control System is that it offers complete and real control of people that could enter the building. Access permits can be granted or removed immediately, without the need to change locks or make new keys. Also, these systems can control the hours of staff access and create a record of access to each of the protected areas.


Yms Services can offer support to choose the best Access Control System, helping to find the one that could adapt to the particular needs of your business, fitting your budget and helping to enhance the security level on your business building.

Keypad Lock service for office

File cabinet locks


People tends to overlook on file cabinets, they look so outdated! But even in a world dominated by digital files, most business keeps a big amount of sensitive or valuable information backed up in paper. Also, there are files that contains private information, like social security numbers, credit card info and so much more. A File cabinet can be full of valuables and need to be protected. In order to enhance their security and privacy, any business need the best locks to secure file cabinets and Yms Services Locksmith in Los Angeles can provide them.


File cabinet locks must be checked periodically, just to know if they're working properly. However, if those locks are from last century, you should think about replace them, because old locks can be picked in matter of seconds. Ask us anything about this matter, in Yms Services we got trained professionals, who can install, repair, replace and even open a file cabinet lock.

File Cabinet Lock

Master key


Many businesses requires that some employees have access to some spaces, but there are also restricted areas that only certain people with certain functions or privileges must reach. This would involve making several sets of keys, ensuring that each employee has the correct set of keys and even then this could hinder the flow of personnel within the business. The solution for this mess is simple: master keys.
A master key is a key that opens several doors. Those locks have been reconfigured to respond only to that key. This translates into savings, because you'll only need to make a copy of a key for each employee, and this key would only open the doors that are necessary. In addition, you would no longer need a bulky key set that would be replaced by just one or two keys.


At Yms Services Locksmith in West Hollywood we can make all your locks respond to a single master key at a much lower cost than any other commercial locksmith service and in record time, guaranteeing your safety and comfort. Just pick the phone and ask for a budget.

IC core locks


Interchangeable core locks are a very effective security measure for those businesses with high traffic, lot of personal changes or that need to change the locks relatively frequently; for example, commercial facilities with many locations or retail businesses that could have problems with the control of their keys.

IC Core locks, as the name implies, are locks that allows to replace only the cylinder, leaving the rest of the mechanism intact. This makes the locks replacement process much simpler and more economical, as there is no need to remove or disassemble the entire system. Replacing IC Core locks could be even more quick and easy than rekeying.


In Yms Services we offer the Ic Core installation, change, repair and maintenance of this interchangeable locks. Replacing all your locks for IC core could look expensive, but could be worthy if you need to change or rekey all those locks in an emergency.

Need Commercial Locksmith In West Hollyowood?
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