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Residential Locksmith
Yms Services, the most efficient  for Residential Locksmith Solutions

The main door, the one in front of your house, is the border between the privacy and security of your own space and the harsh street. Your door is not only a matter of privacy but also security, so the lock is a key point to ensure the safety of your home. In effect, a lock can become the Achilles heel of your house or the instrument that will transform it into a fortress. This is the reason why you should only entrust the integrity of the lock, and thereof your home security to true professionals, like Yms Services.

At Yms Services| Locksmith in West Hollywood we are trained to face everything related to residential Locksmith, from advising you how to choose the best lock that fits the needs of your home, ensure its proper operation, repair locks on doors and windows, to assist you in case of emergency. We are ready 24 hours every day of the week to offer these residential locksmith services in West Hollywood to ensure the safety of your home:

Need Residential Locksmith In West Hollyowood?

House Lock Change


It's imperative to change all locks when your house have been victim of a burglar or when you have just moved to a new place; but many people avoid making this change for fear of the high fees related to installation. A lot of people hires locksmiths of dubious reputation, who can do a bad job and can ruin the new locks. It's a big risk and it doesn't worth it. You better call Yms Services!


Our Locksmith Company in West Hollywood can offer the best price and the peace of mind of having a group of people trained working on your home, ready to do an impeccable job. Our technicians can install and change your lock in very short time and for the lowest price. We work with all brands, models and lock types, there's no excuse, don't play with your home's safety. Make sure that the locks of your home are installed by certified professionals, like all Yms Services staff.

Best Locksmith Service in Los Angeles

House Lock Rekeying


If you need to change some locks, but the ones you already have are in perfect condition and have very good quality, then rekeying may be the best alternative. Rekeying is a process that changes the internal configuration of the pins inside the lock, those than make it responsive just to one key. When a lock is rekeyed, it will require the use of new keys. This will disable all old key copies immediately, avoiding risks and instantly increasing the security of your home. You will have all the benefits of new locks, but at a fraction of the cost.

It is true that you can get kits to make DIY rekeying your lock, but this process is not as simple as it seems and you could end up with a lock damaged beyond repair. It's much better to hire trained professionals such as Yms Services, who will be responsible for rekeying all the locks you require in record time and at a really low price. Besides, you can rekey all your locks to make it work with the same keys. Just call us and ask, we can make a budget without charge

Lock Rekey Service

Mailbox Locks


Your mail is your treasure, not only because you can receive valuable packages, but because your mailbox keep documents that may contain sensitive and private information. Protecting your mail is not unreasonable, it's a necessity. However, mailbox locks are usually a little weak or old, so it is not surprising that the key or lock can broke easily. 

Regardless of the situation, whether you need to repair, replace or install a mail lock, at Our Locksmith in West Hollywood we have professionals who will be able to assist you quickly and effectively. Our professionals are able to work in any type of mailbox locks and can offer you the best price in the region. Do not hesitate to contact us.

Mailbox Lock Repair or Replace

Fresh installation

If you have decided that a door needs a lock in order to enhance your home security, YMS Services professionals will be able to do it in a heartbeat. This service is what is known as fresh installation and includes drilling holes in a door accurately, to ensure that the new lock fits perfectly. A fresh installation can be also required if what you want is to replace a doorknob with a deadbolt type lock.
A fresh installation isn't a DIY labor but must be done by experts, because any error with the drill, lack of precision or inexperience to measure and install can completely ruin the door and  this is not only an aesthetic problem, but it can also risk the safety of your family. Trust Yms, who offer you speed, accuracy and experience paired with the best rates.


Lock Repair


Regardless of the cause, any problem that a lock should be addressed immediately, as any lock-related issue places your home in a vulnerable position. But before thinking about replacing a lock that doesn't work as it should, it is worth consulting with professionals like Yms Services, who can repair any problem in any lock.

At Yms, professional technicians are trained to diagnose and repair locks of all types, brands and models. Always thinking of you, Our Company will be able to offer the most effective solution and the one that best suits your budget.


House lockout

a home lockout is a very stressful experience, so it is well worth having the numbers of Yms Services saved on your phone. Our technician will be able to arrive to your home in 20 minutes or less, opening any lock in a jiffy, without damaging it. We are ready to handle your emergency 24/7, you just need to make a call to receive the required assistance.
We are committed to providing you with an efficient, fast, safe and reliable service that encompasses much more than immediate/emergency attention. We do not just open the door, but we offer integral services, so we can help you even after attending the emergency. Our professionals can repair damaged locks, rekeying the lock if you lose your keys or change the lock if it's necessary. Your home security is first.

Need Residential Locksmith In West Hollyowood?
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