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Mortise installation


Trust YMS Services West Hollywood Locksmith to make tidy, quick and efficient mortise installation. Installing this type of locks requires expertise, skill and experience, because the door must be drilled with precision and only well-trained technicians will be able to execute this work perfectly.

Mortise locks were the norm during the Victorian era and were later replaced by bored cylinder locks, because they are easier to install. However, mortise installation services are required because this locks are recovering their popularity. Mortise Locks are safer and aesthetically pleasing.

The Mortise Locks are characterized by having a metal faceplate beneath the door handle. The whole mechanism is inside the door, with only the visible faceplate when the door is open. In fact, the whole lock mechanism is nested inside a pocket (the mortise) carved in the door. This makes this kind of locks stronger and more difficult to pick, providing a better security. Mortise locks also has lots of styles and finishes that can be picked to fit the decor: contemporary, rustic or traditional, there are a lot of finishes that can match other hardware.

Mortise locks installation is a challenging experience if the person is not equipped
with the right tools and the experience to carve the mortice in the door. A sloppy installation can ruin your door, because it requires precision and experience. The technicians of YMS Services Locksmith in Los Angeles possess the knowledge and the skill to make impeccable facilities in record time and as always, offering the best prices. Do not take chances: call the professionals at YMS Services

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Mortise Lock installation
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