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Lock repair


YMS Services offers the most efficient and complete locks repair service in the West Hollywood area. Before deciding to replace a lock, you can have our expert technicians check it out because they may be able to repair it, which is more cost effective than changing it completely. We are fast and efficient, just call and wait for our professional locksmiths.

If your lock has stopped working properly it becomes a breach for the safety of your home, it could even break completely and leave you out on the street.  Don't wait until is too late: you should not hesitate to call YMS Services to request the repair of your lock.

YMS Services is prepared to work with any type and model of lock, including smart locks and really old locks. Regardless of whether those damaged locks only need a simple fix, like adjusting the strike plate, or if they need to replace some internal component, our specialized technicians will be able to help you.

YMS Services' skilled technicians have the experience, knowledge and tools to diagnose and repair virtually all the problems that a lock can present; either because the damage was caused by external forces or simply because it is worn out over the years or excessive use. If lock damage is not massive and does not compromise the main components, then they can repair it at a really low cost, compared to completely replacing the lock.

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