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Key Duplication

At YMS Services West Hollywood Locksmith we have the tools to make key duplicates in just minutes. We guarantee exact copies, which will work as well as the original keys. We have practically all types of keys you may need, from the most common to keys for safes, mail boxes, boats, closets and even antique keys.

Duplicate keys can be made as a security measure, to avoid home lockouts or simply because you need to replace a damaged key or give a copy of your set of keys to your new partner. However, these duplicates cannot be done anywhere, because not everyone has the tools and experience to cut a key that works perfectly. It takes experience and have the right equipment to make duplicates of any type of locks. YMS Services Los Angeles Locksmith can provide that service

If you don't have the original key, you shouldn't worry. YMS Services Locksmith in Los Angeles can make duplicates of keys using the parts of a broken key and we can even make a new key in case the original have been lost and there are no more copies. In this case, we offer integral services, since we can attend the home lockout and do the key duplication and extra copies.


Whatever is your emergency or need, you always can call YMs Services with the confidence that we will find a quick and effective solution to your locksmith emergency.

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