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IC Core

In YMS Services West Hollywood Locksmith we guarantee the correct installation of IC Core locks. We have the staff trained in the handling of this type of locks. We carry the best brands, so we can offer a quality service at the best prices in entire area of Los Angeles.

IC Core stands for Interchangeable core. These locks are characterized because their core can be extracted from the lock, replaced and installed in another one, without the need to remove or disassemble any inner component. IC Core are distinguished because they have a form of 8 and because they can be used in any IC Core system. In fact, the big difference between these locks and those of removable core is that they can be used and exchanged regardless of the brand of the lock.

The IC Core locks represent a great advantage when it is essential to do lock rekeying with some regularity. Those businesses that can benefit from these locks are those in which it is required to give copies of the keys to several people temporarily or when there is a high exchange of personnel, such as universities, hotels and others. This allows any person to make the change of cylinder and key when necessary, using a control key without the need to call a technician, which represents a long-term saving.

Do not hesitate to call YMS Services Los Angeles Locksmith, who can advise you on the IC Core locks and even install them if you want it in your business, to ensure your comfort and safety.

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