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Fresh installation

A fresh installation means installing a new lock in a new door. It must be made by real professionals like YMS Services, West Hollywood Locksmith who can also advise you to choose the right lock for your new door. Our technicians have the experience and tools necessary to make successful installations of new locks.

A fresh installation involves making new holes in the door to fit a new or different lock. In fact this process must be done when you want to install a deadbolt on top of a doorknob. This can be done to enhance the security that a door can offer. Another reason to make fresh installations is replacing old locks, whose structure is different from conventional locks and doesn't fit the new standard.

The fresh installation process includes drilling new holes in the wood of the door, there is no room to make mistakes, so it is worth hiring only expert and reputable professionals, such as YMS Services Locksmith in Los Angeles. An error made by someone who does not have the knowledge of how to make these holes can completely ruin the door and cause you to buy a new one to replace it. Do not risk having a bigger problem, a huge bill and a headache, invest in your security and call YMS Services directly.

A fresh installation can also be done in cabinets, closets, garage doors and windows. At YMS Services Locksmith in West Hollywood we are prepared to offer security solutions for all spaces in your home. Do not hesitate to call us, we offer quality at the best price.

Need fresh installation for new lock in Los Angeles? 
Fresh Installation service
New fresh intallation for lock
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