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Broken Key extraction

A broken key can be combined with a house lockout and become a real emergency. The expert locksmiths of YMS Services West Hollywood Locksmith know how to desperate this situation can be, so they will help you in the shortest time possible. Our technicians are prepared to handle this type of situation and will be able to make a broken key quickly and smoothly.

You should not try to make a key extraction by yourself, as it could cause terrible damage to the lock. Our expert locksmiths can remove the broken part of the internal mechanism of the lock without causing any damage, thereby avoiding having to make a lock replace or repair. It is better to make a call and trust in the speed and efficiency of YMS Los Angeles Locksmith Services.

We offer comprehensive services. If the key that was broken was the only copy, our locksmiths are in the capacity to make a replacement key for that lock, without having to make a lock rekeying. In order to make a new key they can use the pieces of the broken key or the biting code of the key.

At YMS Services | West Hollywood Locksmith we take pride in our response times and efficiency. Our technicians are trained to work with any type of locks and keys. We answer your calls immediately and in a few minutes we will arrive to wherever you are to make a broken key extraction or help with any other emergency. You can be sure that you always have our support.

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