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Broken Car Key Extraction

If you have broken your key car inside the ignition of your car or in the lock of the door, don't worry, you can always count on the immediate and efficient attention of YMS Services West Hollywood Locksmith. We provide locksmith services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We are also trained to solve other problems related to broken car key extractions.

The broken car key extraction from the door of the car are usually a little simpler. Our skilled technicians can solve it in 20 to 30 minutes, without causing any damage to the lock. The broken car extraction of the ignition cylinder usually have other risks.

While it is true that our skilled auto locksmiths in Los Angeles are prepared to remove the ignition cylinder key from your car in minutes, depending on where the broken key piece is stuck, it may or may not require replacement of the ignition cylinder. If the parts are quite close, it is very possible that they can be removed without the need to replace the cylinder.

For this reason you need to call YMS Services Los Angeles Locksmith immediately, because if you try to remove the broken piece by yourself, it may cause some damage to the cylinder. It is better to trust the professionals, who will do a quick and effective job. If your car requires an ignition cylinder replacement, our automotive locksmiths will be able to do it quickly and at the best price.


We offer comprehensive services, so after the broken car key extraction, we can provide you with a replacement key if necessary. Don't hesitate: YMS is your best option.

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